Playfair Online

Is your new student orientation going online?
So is Playfair!

Even if your students are back on campus, they may not be able to gather physically together as an entire new student class… but they can still meet each other in Playfair Online!

After weeks and months of enforced isolation, the new student class will be hungry for connection and community with their fellow entering students. Like the original in-person Playfair, Playfair Online is a high-spirited, high-energy event that allows these new students to engage with each other and laugh with each other and feel a part of an exciting new campus community. It’s team building, it’s comedy, and it’s lots of fun!

In Playfair Online, the new students meet each other in many different ways—as the entire entering class gathered together, and in many fast-moving breakout rooms. The new students engage in mental and physical challenges as they play games that bring them closer together.This fall, your incoming class of new students will have missed out on some traditional celebrations like Graduation and Prom. So we’ll throw them a party—including a Playfair Online dance celebration!

In Playfair Online the new students discover the many things they have in common as they work together in ever-changing team building events. They are creatively challenged to create rhyming poems on the fly, perform physical challenges in unison with their virtual teammates, and share their favorite pop-culture moments in a truly unique format that produces lots of shared laughter. In a very fun and safe online environment they get to share their own thoughts and feelings and get to know their fellow students as well.

Welcome to Playfair Online, featuring Playfair’s signature brand of upbeat community-building interactions. It’s time to have some fun together! It’s time to make some new friends! It’s time to reach out virtually and celebrate your incoming new student class.

Give your new student class a gift they will long remember—Playfair Online.