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Looking for something different than another online talk? Get engaged!

Playfair presents our newest virtual experience:
Playfair ONT - Online Networking and Team Building

Playfair’s Online Networking and Team Building program is the perfect antidote to online fatigue! As a stand-alone Reward and Recognition event, or as the opening event to a larger conference or all-hands meeting, this interactive, joyful, community-building virtual event is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Watch Matt Weinstein and the Playfair Senior Facilitators weave their interactive online magic!


Matt Weinstein
Matt Weinstein
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Kaliswa Brewster
Jeffrey W James
Jeffrey W James
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Sarah Fisk

Playfair’s Founder and Emperor Matt Weinstein is one of the nation’s most highly requested corporate and business speakers on the subjects of Fun At Work and Building A Successful Team.

Matt was elected to the Professional Speaker’s Hall of Fame by the National Speaker’s Association, and was honored by Successful Meetings Magazine as one of the “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century.”

All of Matt’s keynote presentations are highly interactive and fun. Here are some video excerpts from Matt’s entertaining and informative presentations:

Having Fun At Work

It is one thing to hear about the importance of fun at work, it is another thing to experience it right in the presentation room! Playfair program attendees always appreciate the amount of shared laughter and fun generated by this interactive teambuilding experience, based on Matt Weinstein’s best-selling book Managing To Have Fun

Work Like Your Dog

A laugh-filled introduction to the concept of having fun at work, based on Matt’s book Work Like Your Dog.

What Bernie Madoff Couldn’t Steal From Me

This program from the TED website talks about using fun and play to recover from loss. Matt talks in an upbeat and inspirational way about recovering from his financial misadventures with Bernie Madoff— but the lessons are applicable to the everyday losses that we all must encounter in our lives.

Playfair at the Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Can play build community in prison? Check out this two-minute video made by the inmates at Cleveland Correctional Institution in Cleveland, Texas of their Playfair experience.

Fun and Play in Reward and Recognition

This business leadership video features stories of leaders who have used Fun and Play in their Reward and Recognition programs to build a successful corporate culture. Included are organizations like Wells Fargo Bank and MasterCard. The attendees in this dynamic presentation also get to brainstorm specific actions they will take back to the workplace to create a positive, fun work environment with their everyday teammates.


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